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June 2010

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suspensionpoint in jrpgs_and_wrpgs


I hope I'm in the right place for this, and not doing something completely shun-worthy, but the comm's profile does say 'recommendations' so... ;[
but if I am in the wrong, don't hesitate to delete this, sorryyy...

I've been scouring every game store in my city for the past week, looking for a new RPG, but I've come up with nothing! D:
Well, at least not based on the box info alone, because I know that boxes can be very deceiving. :P

And so, I implore you gamers to intelligently and non-fangirlishly, as that is not what the community stands for (;p), convince me of why your favorite rpg deserves to be bought..! :D
and I'll tag this 'recommendations', so that other hopeless newbs can be referred to this post in the future. :)

Personally, I'm admittedly a Final Fantasy whore and like RPGs along those lines (FFX, Shadow Hearts I, and FFIX are probably my overall top three-- I know I know, I'm trying to broaden my horizons here D;), and I'm not a big fan of 'realism' in my games-- the school and social aspect of Persona always got on my nerves, tbh.
and I'm also a total sucker for good graphics, 'cause I'm shallow like that.
PS2 is my preferred console, but I can work with PS3 or PSP.

BUT rec whatever you want!, even if it doesn't fit that criteria at all; I don't think it would be a bad idea to have a post tagged for that very purpose.. or is it? again, feel free to delete this, if so. xD


Well... you seem to be mostly JRPG associated. Do you even have your own PC, or are you posting this from the computer of a friend or relative? If you have a computer, how fast is it?

Do you have any older console systems of any type, or can you get something cheaply?
My own labtop, it's.. I think it's fairly fast..? A Dell latitude d830? Supposedly it has a lot of space and speed, but I haven't really tested it out much, I only use the internet.

Well, all the consoles I have (that are fully functioning :p) are:
original Nintendo, lulz,
Gameboy Advance

There's a PS3 in my house that I could use, just maybe not as frequently as I would like, but that's actually ok, because then I wouldn't neglect all other aspects of my life for the game, as I tend to do, hah. :l
Can you right click on my computer, go to properties, then general, and tell me how much ram and what processor it has and what speed the processor is? And what operating system you are running? And then go to the hardware tab, then device manager, and then tell me what graphics capability it has under "display adapters"?
......o____o Suuure, lol, well, I can try-- i'm not really good with computers and don't know what half of that means, rofl.


Well, I just checked, and this computer apparently doesn't do the normal 'My Computer/Properties' thing. That's weird! D:
So, I had to go to Help and Support and then search for info, so hopefully this is the right stuff, hah:

Ram: 3gb
Processer: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7300 @ 2.00GHz
Speed ^: 1994 MHz
Graphics Capability: ?? I got to Device Manager/Display Adapters.. what it says is: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M. I clicked on it and looked at it, but it doesn't have any details like that. :/
By right click you have to select the my computer icon and press the right mouse button silly...

You have a computer that is quite a bit faster than a PS3 or XBox360...

:) :)
So this means that you can open yourself up to pretty much ANY Computer RPG... which means you have about two decades worth of AWESOME WRPG's to work with!
Anyway, what I think of some required reading for anyone on these community are these two articles:



For WRPG's and JRPG's, respectively. If you want to try computer rpg's, you might want to know a bit of your history -- and a LOT of those games are, at most, $5, especially the older ones. Or you could just go for the recent WRPG's, Dragon Age or the Witcher. And then there are all the action RPG's, all the diablo clones (there was even one for PS2!)
uh.. beware of possible weird formatting..
my lj is acting weird...sorry.. xD;;

Oh, well there's some specifics, haha.
Very informative links, ty, lolz.

As for the older $5 games.. as much of a cheap-ass as I am, I'm also shallow. ;p So, I don't mind shelling out some extra cash for something that will be be more aesthetically pleasing, haha. Those 'modern age' ones are definitely worth looking into!
Any of those you particularly
like or have heard good things about? :D
Well... you DEFINITELY should read that article. It will give you enough of a handle on what you might like.. But there are some good ones. Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Mass Effect, The Witcher, and Dragon Age: Origins are known as good recent ones. Many of them have console versions too! But the PC versions are more moddable... Do you have an HDTV?

still formatting issues ._.

I.. don't really know. (what's that shocking, huh >>) I just 'inherited' it, it might be. It's pretty fancy looking, I'm pretty sure it's HD. :P

Are you asking because I can hook up my TV to my computer? I think I saw my brother do that once. I was like, "woahz D:", haha.

Yea, I have some friends and family with various Elder Scrolls addictions :p Not personally my type (from what I've seen), buuut...

I just wiki'd Dragon Age.
I was won over by the overdramatic saying of, "epic tale of violence, lust, and betrayal", lolz.

*reads on* We may have a winner. xD

Re: still formatting issues ._.

Well, there is also the fact that if you plug in a modern console, using the proper wire, to an HDTV, things look WAY better, as well! Much clearer, higher resolution, etc.

So either way things can work well... if you know what you are doing!

Re: still formatting issues ._.

Hmm.. I'll probably just stick with my computer and regular plugs for now, since (as if it wasn't made obvious enough in the last few posts) I'm slightly technologically challenged.... :d The last thing I want to do is somehow ruin what shaky connections i've made between my tv and consoles, in an attempt to make it better, lol.
but I will def keep that in mind! xD because it would be really nice to play my games in HD... *___*

anddd of course, thank you so much for all your help! i'm going to keep looking into this :)

Re: still formatting issues ._.

Dragon Age is my personal favorite.

Re: still formatting issues ._.

Yea, I'm about 90% sure I'm gonna buy it. From what I've read and seen, it looks really awesome :D
No, no, I right clicked, lol, I've done the 'properties' thing before, on other computers, heheh.
That's why I'm weirded out by it not working on this one.. kind of unusual, I think.

Anyway, that's good to know! :D

I'm not as much a fan of computer games, because.. I don't know.. it's just harder for me, with the little screen, to concentrate, I suppose.

but I'll definitely try it out, if something looks great enough! any specific suggestions? :)
Have you played Disgaea?
I have not.
But I just looked it up: "Main characters in the series often include cynical, power-hungry antiheroes forced to fight alongside heroic foils, much to their disdain."
So far, I approve. xD

My only gripe, from what I can tell, is that I'm kind of biased against sprites/chibis. D;
I know, it's horrible, but like I said, I'm shallow. :(
Well, this game is about a year or so old, but have you played Valkyria Chronicles? It was made by sega (I think) and released for the PS3. The graphics are gorgeous (and anime-looking), and the gameplay was totally bizzare-yet-awesome (at least for me - I had never seen anything like that before). Basically, the story is told in segments - you'll have a bunch of cutscenes, then a battle, then more cutscenes, then another battle. The battles can be increadibly long, though - I remember fighting some for over an hour.

The plot is pretty basic, but good - you're in a small country being invaded by a much larger empire, and you have to fight them off. It's set in an alternate universe, but kinda more of an 'alternate earth' - it's all very WWII-like.

If you have access to the PSN (you said you had access to a PS3, but it wasn't yours, or something like that, right?), you can download a demo for the game that will give you a good feel for the fighting system.

Hope that helps~
Ooh, that definitely sound interesting. And I think I've heard of it, all good things :)
I'll definitely check it out, thank you!

But.. woah.. occasional hour long battles?? Dayummmmm! xD I would understand if it's a boss or something, haha.
But ah, if the story is worth it, I could get over it, lol.
Yeah, the battles can be long. xD That's pretty much where all the gameplay is though - there's no running through towns or fields. They're fought on a turn-by-turn basis, though, which is where the length comes from - you've got to postion you characters, attack, wait for the enemy to move their characters and attack, and so on. It's not like X, though - you're charaters don't stand there, facing the enemy, waiting for a command. It's a bit more like XII, if you've seen that one.

This video has a good example of the gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-0RY4TTNwE

I hope you give it a shot~
Honestly, my favorite RPG is Final Fantasy X, which you've obviously already played. I'm also a fan of Shadow Hearts, which is also out.

Hmmm. I'm going to recommend the Suikoden series. Each game has 108 recruitable characters, some of whom will fight along side of you, and some will do your army's laundry or forge weapons, etc. A surprisingly large number of those 108 will be really well developed and/or lovable. In each of the games, you're recruiting and commanding an army and building up a base alongside the main plot. All of them have a really epic feel, with politics, war, and intrigue playing a big part of the plots along with magic, etc.

You seem to get a little street cred among JRPGers for liking Suikoden, so if you're trying to broaden your horizons, that may be an added benefit. III, IV, and V are on the PS2, but IV kind of sucks. Of the PS2 games, I like III the best, it looks the best and has (mostly) the best cast of characters. II is hands down the best of the series, but it's hard (or at least expensive) to get your hands on.

Also, it's older and not as shiny, but I highly recommend Xenogears if you haven't played it. Fun battle system, awesome characters, and the longest and most convoluted plot I've ever seen in a video game that actually managed to make sense.
Yay! I am so obsessed with Final Fantasy X, I've probably played it about a million times <3 lol. How can you not like it?? I think most people who dislike it do so for shallow reasons! (e.g. the voice acting... not that I blame them, some parts are pretty heinous, but as a whole, it's amazing. xD)

And I've never met another Shadow Hearts fan before! woot! The first one was so much fun.
However, the second one? Fills me with rage. xD I mean, come on, I go through alllll that trouble to keep Alice alive in the end, just so that the game makers can replace her in Shadow Hearts II with some DD doubled eyecandy for fanboys?! It's soooo wrong! D: D:

I actually have played Xenogears and wasn't a big fan. Not sure why, it just didn't appeal to me.

But Suikoden sounds amazing! 108 well-developed characters and epic plot! That is my video game heaven.
And I actually think I saw III for sale at my local used game shop. Def gonna go back and buy it. :D
Edit;; 'DD doubled'? Wow. :l I meant double D. xD;;