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June 2010

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zweilous in jrpgs_and_wrpgs

final fantasy + xbox 360 games?

The post below reminded me of this.

I wouldn't be surprised if most (or all, who knows?) of you are familiar with Final Fantasy 13. Is anyone buying it on release? I'm just curious, as I've never seen a series that attracts so many people, even with little information about it.

For example, a friend of mine has had both the 360 and ps3 version on preorder since it was possible to put an order in, which was months ago. Have they bothered with previews? No, they don't believe they're accurate. Good reviews from someone whose played the Japanese release? Nope! Are they buying the game (twice) based on the fact it's Final Fantasy? You bet! Bear in mind that buying both copies of the game will set them back £80. Even then, that's assuming they didn't buy the collector's edition...which they may have done, because it's Final Fantasy and the collector's edition is worth it! Interestingly, my friend isn't a fanboy of the series in the slightest.

This series blows my mind - I can only imagine how much profit they're gonna make from people insta-ordering, considering they (allegedly) sold a million copies on release day. Considering each cost around Y5000 (I believe), that's a lot.

...As a kind of aside, any recommendations for 360 rpgs of any origin? I'm...mildly worried I may have exhausted the rpg library for it. ): I've played the big-name ones (basically, everything Squeenix released, the Bethesda games, Tales, Fable...), but are there some hidden gems I'm not aware of? Finding older games at my local store is kind of awkward, considering it's about 9 parts Gears of War/Halo to anything else. :L


I haven't gotten into playing new JRPGs other than DS ones. I'm not looking forward to seeing how bad it is... Still playing DS old PS2 games I never got around to.
I believe they sold around 1.5M on release day, which... is not unusual for an FF game, since they have usually sold around 2-3M. In fact, I would say there is less hype for this game than there has been in the past.

And the Japanese release cost around 9000 yen, which is expensive even for Japanese games which are usually pretty expensive anyway.

Sounds like you've already got every RPG that the 360 has to offer, sadly enough. Unless you don't have Lost Odyssey or Eternal Sonata? Resonance of Fate is coming out soon, and that one is pretty good.
I don't recommend Eternal Sonata for the Xbox--the PS3 version is much improved, adding new characters, scenes and backstory, and I think they may have fixed some bugs and gameplay problems too. If you want to buy Eternal Sonata, buy it for the PS3, or if you only have an Xbox, just rent it instead. It's not worth the money to buy an unfinished game. I'm still holding on for a DLC that gives us Xbox owners all the new stuff PS3 owners got when they bought the game, but Japan doesn't seem to be too fond of doing that and I've pretty much lost all hope. We got gypped with Vesperia too.

Eternal Sonata is very story-based, and as such, it doesn't leave much room for sidequests or exploration. A lot of the playtime is taken up by (very beautiful) cutscenes, and I wouldn't hesitate to say that probably 20 out of the 40 promised hours is cinematic. This is ok, I like cutscenes as much as the next guy, but after it was done there was no real incentive to immediately pick up a new game plus file and start all over again. With Vesperia there was such a mountain of sidequests and missable cutscenes that you HAD to do at least two playthroughs to see everything the game had to offer; Eternal Sonata lays it all out the first time. So yeah, it's definitely worth it to rent, but I don't advise buying it especially when not all of the components are there.
We did that for Mass Effect 2, kinda--we had the collector's edition thing on order the moment we could, even before we knew anything about it. I only read reviews and watched trailers after I'd beaten the game for the first time.

I'll justify that behaviour that saying it was a safe bet that I'd love the game, which is probably what your friend is thinking about Final Fantasy 13--no game in the main series ever disappoints, even if you aren't a fanboy. I do not know why someone would buy two copies of the same game though. Maybe he plans to sell one?

(As for recommendations, I don't have anything on the JRPG side unfortunately. Japan doesn't seem to like the Xbox very much. But you didn't mention Mass Effect or Dragon Age as games you've played, so I'm going to give those a mention.)
Also, this reliance upon franchises to put out quality games is what has destroyed (or at least taken down a few notches) the genre. People should buy and look into new games as opposed to anticipating Big Franchise Name Entry That Is Nothing Like Old Entries XVII. It's stupid. I could care less about FFXIII.
I'd like to contest this idea. If nothing else, big name franchises are a big part of what sells systems, and if they already have the system, people are more likely to buy more obscure games.

I admit it can hurt other games, and I think that's part of why we're not seeing as many RPGs this console generation. Final Fantasy and the like are huge undertakings with a huge amount of money and time put into them. Smaller houses can't compete with that, so they don't bother. Or they go under. Still, that may be more about the state of the gaming industry in general than big name franchises. I know that given the choice, I'd buy both big titles and obscure ones, so.
Uh... Final Fantasy fan here. My boyfriend preordered FFXIII for the Xbox 360 for me as part of Christmas, which saves me the trouble of doing it myself. I've kind of avoided reviews and such except for reading scores, because I want to go into it with as little preconceptions as possible. But I admit, even if the reviews were bad and I didn't already have it on preorder, I would buy it and play it while it was new. Weird, this faith in a video game franchise, but then Final Fantasy has been around over twenty years now, it's almost always been innovative and pretty, and told good stories. Plus there are yet to be any real stinkers as part of the main series. I'm not expecting anything life or industry changing, just a fun, pretty game of the sort I like to play.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to it, but I can't imagine why anyone would buy it twice? Especially if they claim not to be huge fans?