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June 2010

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mushinoko in jrpgs_and_wrpgs

Interesting article

Definitely thought that this article would be a good discussion topic for the community:

Bioware on the Decline of the JRPG.

I've already posted up my thoughts in several places, but I'd like to hear what you guys think.


I play mostly Japanese RPGs, but I do believe there are many, many JRPG conventions that could really use a rest, and have somewhat thought about writing an editorial about conventions that need to die.
You've inspired me with an official discussion topic.
My bf showed me this last night, I didn't read the whole thing though.
I like both styles, I feel like the WRPG keeps improving itself and evolving, and I haven't played any recent JRPG that has surpassed my 15 years old favorites, but I still like both genres and I don't want one to alienate the other or anything.
yeah, see, I haven't played any modern JRPGs either. I don't have a system for it. The newest ones I've played are DS RPGs like TWEWY. And frankly, that game says to BioWare, "What are you talking about?" They still have a point though.

Honestly, I'm terrified to play newer games like Vesperia and Star Ocean 4 and evne FFXIII. I'm terrified of how terrible they could be.
They're probably right, but that's exactly why I like JRPGs.
totally. They are right. JRPGs are a niche genre now, and the larger gaming population (of the West) wants to play WRPGs if they want to play a RPG at all. BioWare is 100% right. On the other hand, smaller JRPG audience likes the cliches about them and really doesn't want to make big choices. They want to see stories, which is not what most of the gaming community is interested in as much as making choices.

The problem with this furthermore is that the companies are realizing the JRPGs are becoming really niche and are often destroying what we like about these games in order to appease the masses of gamers. It's sad because... I don't like the games most gamers like. Mostly.
When I loaded this up, I had your thoughts exactly: "Of course BioWare is going to say that," but I also agreed that JRPGs are in a decline. I just wasn't sure what they were going to say. After reading it, I totally agree. But the one thing I disagree on is that they think JRPGs should change to appeal to more Westerners... I guess that would be good for business, but it would not be good for me.