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June 2010

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Official Discussion Topic II: RPG Cliches and Conventions

Si señor, it's that time again. Official Discussion Topic II is at hand. Don't jump me for posting twice in such an amount of time.


ODT II: RPG Cliches and Conventions

ODT II: RPG Cliches and Conventions

This is mostly going to be a topic for the JRPG crowd, as frankly, JRPGs are a thousand times more cliche than WRPGs. The characters and stories are more archetypal. The situations are more easily expected. It's just the reality of it. But that's not to say that WRPGs don't have their own conventions; for one, the medieval fantasy setting is a big one in and of itself. So don't be shy.

Let's make a rule: One comment per convention/cliche, all discussion of that convention/cliche underneath, such as whether its a good one or a bad one. Perhaps this ODT will grow into a long list of amusing cliches and opinions about them.

Feel free to post as many as you like. Come back, post more.


At some point in the game, all characters are very likely to get captured and jailed in a retardedly almost no security facility. There will invariably be an absurdly easy way to break out of the jail. Examine under the bed, a crack in wall or the bucket of water.
Girl character with a pendant.
no, a magical, relic, or heirloom pendant. Or all 3.
Character gets temporarily incapacitated during the game (Rudy in Wild ARMs, Cloud in Final Fantasy VII, Rinoa in Final Fantasy VIII, etc.).
How about the fact that you can just walk right into everybody's house and (sometimes) pilfer their stuff (healing items, heirlooms, money) from drawers, treasure chests, pots, beds, you name it and still chat with them like nothing ever happened?
That happens in most wrpg's too! Only a few of them get upset for stealing, or have items marked (owned) if they are, indeed, owned.
Most WRPGs I've played will have people get mad if you steal their stuff. At the very least it will make you evil or something or they might try to attack you if they see it.
Always ask the townspeople when you are unsure of what to do next. Even if they warn you against it, you still have to do it to progress.
Now don't get me wrong I realised how clichéd JRPG's are but I would have to say WRPG are infinitely more clichéd then JRPG's with the Tolkeinesque version of a fantasy world.
This is a fair opinion.
There is always some kind of sewer dungeon. Always.
Don't forget the ice and lava dungeons.
And there are always rats to kill.  Always.

In both JRPGs and WRPGs, the Guy with the Big Honkin' Sword.
Final boss never shows his true form until you beat his ass pretty good. Then he is very pleased, as he has not faced such a worthy opponent in a long time.
Planets are tiny--the entire world covers about the same area as Texas does. There are only about three big cities or less, one for each "continent"/island, and seasons are the same above and below the equator.

It is also very likely to find two very different biomes (say, a dense tropical rainforest and a frozen wasteland) right next to each other. Bonus points if they're located east-west of each other instead of north-south.
You gotta collect something related to the elements (one each for fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark and sometimes ice and electricity) in order to beat the bad guy. Usually magic orbs or spirits of some sort.