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June 2010

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RPGs for Christmas, Anyone?

I've been on LiveJournal since 2002, and I've noticed that a common trend in LiveJournal communities is that they observe a spark of activity and then die off for whatever reason. For those of you that enjoy having this community and want to make it something, let's be aware of that.

I fear that with all the "official" topics, members are hesitant to post anything unofficial. Perhaps using the term official was counterproductive. I don't know. Maybe no one has time for RPGs over the holidays.

Like I posted before, my girlfriend and I have four PS2 RPGs to play (Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Xenosaga I and II, and Mana Khemia) thanks to the Christmas season, so we'll be busy with that.

We started Chain of Memories but barely. How was everyone's Christmas?


I had a half-decent Christmas, got some DS RPGs including Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, and Nostalgia, not to mention the RPG-esque James Cameron's Avatar: The Game.
I got Assassin's Creed II, which isn't an RPG really, but has more RPG elements than I was expecting. leveling up, fussing with equipment, choosing quests, etc.

I also got Borderlands. Only tried it briefly so far. I've heard it is FPS mixed with RPG and I don't see where that assessment is coming from so far. So far, I see FPS only. but I'll play it a bit more and see if there is any progress. I was playing it split-screen with my stepson. Maybe that changes the game a bit? hmm.

I also got a couple of Pathfinder books, which is a great tabletop RPG and the new Order of the Stick book. ;)
I got Persona for the PSP from my brother, and today I'll be heading out armed with a gift card and some Christmas money to pick up some more games (particularly a few PSP ones, as my PSP is new), so I'll report back as to whether or not I get anything else.

Oh, and I got Dragon Age: Origins too.

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My wife gifted me with Final Fantasy XII; I've been wanting my own copy since our housemate moved out (long story) and took her copy with her.  (Razza-frazza...)  I sqeed for close to 50 seconds.