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June 2010

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ff1// hail to the light, ff1// I AM SRS WARRIOR

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So! An introduction post, yes. I'm Teg, I'm new to this community, and as you can probably guess, I deeply enjoy RPGs (along with other games, yes, but that's immaterial). I'm a JRPG fan more than a WRPG fan, for various reasons--have a listing of my favorites behind the cut:

The Final Fantasy series in general
Suikoden series especially III, which may be my favorite game of all time.
Xenosaga series
Tales Of Symphonia and Tales Of The Abyss stand out among the Tales series...

and if we're counting action/adventure games with RPG elements--

The World Ends With You
Kingdom Hearts series, particularly the Final Mix updated releases

There's not much on this journal right now--it's something I created to get all the games-stuff away from my (mostly-non-gaming) flist and give me a place to talk and analyze games. That's something I'm really interested in--analyzing and studying games from a scholarly perspective, as well as gaming cultures and communities. Currently, I'm working on a project/challenge: Playing all the main-title single-player Final Fantasy games (So I-X, XII; no X-2, TAY, etc) in order, hopefully in time to finish with FFXIII's release in March, and along the way providing my thoughts on each game--as itself, as a part of a franchise, as a work from its time and as it stands up today, among other things, hopefully without too much squee or too much flaming on my part as I'm actually fond of them all in general (No, really, my favorites are IV and XII both). Currently little over halfway through FF1 (holidays set me back in terms of time and energy), so I'm going to have some fun getting all my ducks in a row, as it were.

So--that's that! I look forward to talking with the community here! It looks quite interesting.


I'm doing the same thing you are with Final Fantasy! I'm about midway through VI, trying to power through as far as I can before school restarts.

Also, Suikoden III love! Many of the fans are not so fond of it, which is a huge, huge shame.
Really? Yay! The quest was also, erm, slowed down because the SNES no longer works and thus I had to find a way to play VI again and--suffice to say it was an Adventure.

:D Another Suiko3 fan! It is a shame about the lack of love that game gets. It's really this remarkably solid game that seems to have been ahead of its time, judging by some of the things I see nowadays.

Thanks for the welcome!