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Console and Computer Role-Playing Games of Japanese and Western Origin

Computer and Console, Japanese and Western RPGs
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For the RPG Gamer: Discussion of the Video Game Genre With The Most Misleading Name Ever
This is a community for the discussion of Computer and Console Role-playing Games of both Japanese and western origin -- or JRPGs and WRPGs, as they have come to be called. Please read the rules.

This is NOT a community to advertise your RP fan fiction community, find RP fan fiction friends, pretend to be video game characters online, or any such thing as that. This is NOT an "OMG SQUALL IS SO HOT KEKEKEKE ^_^ DESU" fangirling community. This is NOT a community for posting LJ icons of video game characters. If you're into that sort of thing, fine. There are lots of communities for that sort of thing. Just type in RPG into interests search, and that is 99.9% of what you will find.

This is a community for the discussion of videogames -- a particular genre of video games, the characters in them, new releases, nostalgia, experiences playing, strategies, suggestions, recommendations, and just in general a place to consort with people that devote as much of their time to these games as ourselves.

JRPGs tend to be heavily influenced by anime, are generally linear stories, and are very character and story driven. This varies a lot though dependng on the era they were made in.

WRPGs tend to be heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, are generally less linear, and are generally (and arguably) somewhat less story/character driven, and often more gameplay driven. Again, this varies a lot depending on what era they were made in, and seeing as to how WRPGs are about as old as text adventures, WRPGs are far older than JRPGs, making for many more eras of WRPG than JRPG.

Here, we play, support, and endorse both types from every era. We understand some members may prefer or exclusively play one type or think old/new games are unplayable; however, discussion of both types (from all ages) is welcomed. You're welcome to your opinions, even welcome to share them, but please be considerate. Expect people to have their own opinions, too. You have the right to disagree.


These are things you should know about if you are going to become a member...

Spoiler Suppression:
Place all spoilers behind cuts. You should cut the entire entry if it is spoiler heavy. If it is just a line of text, cut that text. If you are to write spoilers in a comment, begin the comment with a bold-lettered notice stating that there are spoilers below. No matter how old or notoriously popular the game, do not assume everyone has played it. Do everything necessary to prevent spoilers. If you see that someone has failed to do this, get my attention to it, although I will be reading most everything anyway. Offending this law is very bannable depending on severity and especially frequency. No one wants to have their game spoiled, including you, so be very careful not to do that to anyone else. If you are unsure about whether or not something is a spoiler, assume that it is. I am open to suggestions on spoiler suppression.

No Spoilers Allowed Entries
It is your right to post an entry in which no one is allowed to post any spoilers, even if they mark them. If you designate at the top of your entry in bold that the entry is a No Spoilers Allowed Entry, any spoilers posted as comments will be regarded as a bannable offense, even if they are marked with spoiler warnings. This is useful if you are posting about a game you are currently playing and are wary that some poster might comment and ruin the game for you.

Official Discussion Topics
Every so often I will post official discussion topics (ODTs), which are entries I post that poll the community on subjects I think will develop into dialectic discussion or debate. They will almost always be subjects I feel most people in the community will have an opinion on. Generally, I will come up with the topic after reading through unofficial discussion on the board, seeing what takes the interest of many and sparks the most heated or interesting responses. Official Discussion Topics are on-going and will be linked here, so that members and especially new members can always find them. In each new Official Discussion Topic, I will post the list to past ODTs.

Official Discussion Topic I: JRPGs vs WRPGs
Official Discussion Topic II: RPG Cliches and Conventions

Unofficial Discussion Topics
Unofficial discussion topics are the discussion topic entries posted by members that will not be linked, are not considered official, and will probably be forgotten about as they roll off the page. A particularly good unofficial topic may become a revised official topic at some point, however. As a member, you are welcome to post such topics, about anything you wish to see if the community wants to discuss. Do not be discouraged if your topic does not generate the discussion you wanted. We are a growing community.

Suggestion and Recommendation Entries
One great thing about a community of RPG players is that expertise in the matter of RPGs is at hand. If you have just finished a game you like and are looking for a new game to play, why not post and tell us what games you liked (Or which you absolutely hated), what you liked about them (Or didn't like at all), and have us tell you what you should play next? Keep in mind that if you do not tell us what you have played and what you liked/disliked, members are just going to tell you to play what they like. In order to get a really good recommendation, we need to know what you enjoyed and did not enjoy. It might also help if you try to put together a list of what you've already played, that way you don't get a bunch of people telling you to play something you've already played. It will also help to know what consoles you have or what kind of specs your PC has.

News Entries / Previews
If you are aware of some new RPG news, we would like to know. The new trailer for an RPG that just came out, a company announcing a new installment in a series, or any news development or preview type material is welcome to be posted. Even if you think others might know about it, posting it will allow for it to be discussed here. However, all news / preview posts must have a link to an official website that declares the news. Rumors will not be tolerated, and I will ban people for spreading them.

Review Entries
If you've just played a game and want to post a review for it, please do so. There is no format. Feel free to rate it on whatever you would like to rate it on. Tell us about the game. But one thing to keep in mind is that review entries will mainly interest people who have not yet played the game, and as such spoilers ARE NOT ALLOWED in review entries, even upon being marked.

Rants / Raves
Rants and raves are perfectly legitimate, may spark discussion, but may not. If you just feel like getting it out, telling us about the game you're playing, how frusterating it is, or how amazing your party is, go for it. Please remember, however, that rants and raves should ALWAYS BE CUT FOR SPOILERS, and readers should be wary of reading in topics that are cut for spoilers if they do not want a game to be spoiled. All comments posted in these entries should also be marked for spoilers, just as always.

How To Get Started:
The best thing to do is to find a discussion topic, whether official or unofficial, and let your opinions fly. Debate with someone. Tell us what you think. Ask for a suggestion on what to play next. Write a review. Or tell us about the game you're playing. Member introductions are allowed for the time being, but if the community continues to be dominated by member introductions in place of discussion, they will be outlawed.

Have fun.

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